National Estates and Facilities Day 2023

Wednesday 21 June marks National Estates and Facilities Day 2023, we spoke members of the team about their roles in this immense NHS machine and our #1BigTeam.

Al Ullah, Domestic on Lynher ward
Al works as a domestic on Lynher ward and has worked at UHP since April 2023, after becoming inspired to join a hospital environment by his family who all work within healthcare.

“I have previously worked in a call centre and petrol station, but I felt a real calling to work at the hospital. I have always liked the idea of having patient-contact and the ability to build relationships with them during their difficult times, whilst feeling curious to see what goes on behind the ward door. My colleagues on the ward all work together as a real team and make me feel included- I enjoy playing my part in UHP’s #1BigTeam that I really do feel I belong in.

When asked about what his favourite part of his job is, Al added ‘The people. I get to really know patients and have meaningful conversations with them. I never pry, but conversation often flows naturally and I feel accomplished when I can make them smile and make their days a bit lighter’. He added, ‘I am not afraid to learn and would love to be able to qualify as a clinical member of staff in the future.”

Thank you Al for all of your contributions to our #1BigTeam and for going above and beyond every day and best of luck with your future career in healthcare.

Kaz Cox, Operations Parking Supervisor
For National Estates and Facilities Day 2023, we spoke to Kaz Cox, Operations Parking Supervisor within the parking team about her role within this immense NHS machine.

“I’m not going to sugar coat it, it can be a really tough role at times. There is a lot more to the job than people realise and we are always learning. As the first port of call when walking into the main concourse, we witness lots of scenarios and are always on hand to help people visiting the site, be it colleagues, visitors, patients and other guests. We get to meet genuinely lovely patients who make our days, but unfortunately we experience our fair share of difficult situations.

Despite the challenges, I do really enjoy my team and the morale that we have. Working for the NHS is a privilege and I am pleased to be able to play my part.”

Thank you to Kaz and the entire parking team and wider department for all of their contributions to our #1BigTeam and for going above and beyond every day. 

Lyn Huxham, Housekeeper on Crownhill
Lyn is a housekeeper on Crownhill and has worked at UHP for 40 years. She has spent the last 10 years working on Crownhill and has no plans to stop, despite approaching retirement age in September.

“I have seen many changes here over my time as a housekeeper. I am much busier now compared to when I started in the role 40 years ago. I am responsible for ordering all patients’ food which has to meet all dietary requirements and preferences, something that is ever-changing in this role. I have seen a real improvement in the quality of the food that we serve and I take genuine pride in presenting the food on the plate, as I know that this is an important part of the patient’s journey on their way to recovery.”

Lyn explains that when a patient on the ward has a birthday, the team all pool together to buy the patient a gift to make the day special. “Today it is an elderly man’s birthday who has been with us for nearly 6 weeks. I’ve ordered a black forest gateau to go along with their afternoon cup of tea at 2pm and I also decorate their bed spaces with banners in a bid to make them feel special and appreciated. We try to make birthdays on the wards feel really special as they are all away from their families and the familiarity of their own homes, so it is important to me to acknowledge these milestones.”

When asked about if her job was rewarding, Lyn answered: “Absolutely. Look at me… I don’t think I would have been able to stay here for so long if I didn’t love my job. I would get really bored, even with my 6 grandchildren”.

Thank you Lyn for all of your contributions to our #1BigTeam and for going above and beyond every day.  

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