My redeployment experience: Tony Best-Trent

Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist for Acute Kidney Injury, Tony Best-Trent was redeployed at the start of the COVID outbreak. He has written about his experience:

I was recently redeployed to Penrose in the red zone; a call went out for ventilator trained nurses and I answered it. I was quite apprehensive about picking up my old role again and working in the red zone.

Our colleagues in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) made me feel instantly at home again, took the time to go through the things I was rusty with and showed me the PPE donning and doffing procedures so I could safely nurse COVID patients. I really didn’t need to be concerned about returning to work in that kind of environment and after all this time I quite enjoyed returning to something that I have always loved doing.

Due to the lessening demand for ICU nurses I was stood down at the beginning of April, on the proviso that if the picture in Derriford changes then I would be asked to return.

To our colleagues still working down there I want to say good luck, stay safe, stay strong and stay clean. To those who may be redeployed – don’t worry, always ask if you’re not sure and treat this as a learning experience – learning from some of the most knowledgeable nurses in the building.


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