The Hembury #flufighter

Hembury Ward Manager, Sarah Corner, has been offering the jab during some of her night shifts to ensure those who are asleep during the day, are able to get the jab when they are awake at night…


“I do the flu jabs for a variety of personal reasons. For me, it’s not a competition. This is about protecting everyone: our patients, loved ones, ourselves and those who you might only meet in passing, in the shop, the street or on the bus. Compared to what else I see in the world, this is a gift!


I am often away at this time and the start of the campaign, but this year I would say that the uptake has been much quicker than drop-ins I have previously done.


I am always happy to vaccinate when I am on duty and feel that the night clinics are really useful for those who only work nights, as getting in or out during the day can be tricky. In general I have chatted to a lot more people who have experienced having ‘real flu’ and are almost desperate to be one of the first through the door when the campaign starts. Whilst that’s great, it might also suggest that flu is on the increase and that the message of its seriousness needs to be out there. I have met fewer people this year who believe in those common myths like “it made me very ill before”, “it gives you the flu” and some of the other common ones that surround the campaign.


Off the top of my head, from the night shift sessions I have conducted, I have met people from all over the hospital, from places like:

  • Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU)
  • Torcross
  • Tavy Ward
  • Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) Thrushel
  • Hartor Ward
  • Stonehouse
  • Oncology
  • Lynner Ward
  • NHSP and trust staff
  • And nine people from Sterilisation and Decontamination Unit (SDU) whose nightshift runs from 22:00 – 06:00 so outside of any daytime flu clinic on offer


Ultimately I actually enjoy meeting the huge variety of people that come to the door. It mixes up my shift in a good way and I find it very social. I do like to inject a bit of humour into the session for those who are feeling a little apprehensive at having it done.


A trip to Bangkok breaks up my flu-jab-giving sessions briefly, for my birthday, but I will resume flu clinics when I return. Thankfully I see this year’s quadrivalent vaccine covers the Phuket strain so feeling very happy about my little birthday trip!”


Sarah is now back from Thailand – look out for her flu clinics in Daily Email, Vital Signs, StaffNET and on the Trust social media channels.

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  1. I must say that I had a flu jab when I was young (approx. 22). I don’t know why I came to have one. I worked in a solicitors’ office at the time it definitely and immediately gave me flu symptoms, I was aching all over, I particularly remember my arms aching and it was so bad I had to go home from work. I have never had a flu jab again and neither have I had the flu!

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