My redeployment experience: Hazel Gullick

This redeployment has really opened my eyes to what my colleagues have had to deal with during these unprecedented times.

My normal role is as Resuscitation Officer but on the 23 March I was redeployed to the Norwich Union building to work with the Procurement Team working alongside Michelle Winfield, Clinical Procurement Specialist, who is also known as Chelley.

Hazel Gullick and Chelley

Michelle Winfield and Hazel Gullick

I met most of the other team on Zoom the next day, which was very alien to me.These are some of the people I’d like to give a huge shout out to as the teams to I have had the pleasure to work alongside with during COVID, all of whom gave me a warm welcome to their team.

In my normal role I had no real idea what processes were involved within this area. I thought, along with most people, you could just phone or email someone in Procurement/Supply Chain to ask for something and it would appear like magic. Well it doesn’t work like that!

Our colleagues have their work cut out. The process is lengthy in some cases but if something is required urgently the team will do their upmost to go above and beyond to get that item, whatever it may be. This is what I witnessed and was proud to be part of during COVID.

They have all worked tirelessly to ensure that the staff both at Derriford and Livewell have been protected with the most appropriate forms of PPE at all times.

I have really enjoyed my time working with the procurement team (especially Chelley, as we trained together 35 years ago) but I feel that everyone in all the teams deserve a mention for all their hard work behind the scenes to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for our colleagues.

I am returning to my Resuscitation role next week and will miss you all.

  • Andy McMinn Chief Procurement Officer
  • Donna Ellis Senior Category Buyer
  • Peter Sewell Head of Supply Chain
  • Chris Stevens, Category Manager

I have also had the pleasure of meeting and working with:

  • Glen Grant. Supply Chain Manager
  • Grahame Parry, Supply Chain/Genesis on Level 2 ,
  • Chris Lund and team in Materials Management
  • Paul Couch, Warehouse Manager, and all the team in the warehouse
  • Paul Drummond, Procurement Lead at Livewell

…and not forgetting!

  • Kathleen Harvey, Tash Moysey , Louise Sevestre, all Category Buyers
  • Chris Butson and Matt Lyons Data Analysts.

A HUGE thank you to you all.

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