What is Pastoral & Spiritual Care all about?

Image of a volunteer visiting a patient

You will find pastoral care in all areas of a hospital

Life can be a roller-coaster at times, with lots of ups and downs. An accident or an illness can knock us and leave us feeling wobbly. At times like this it helps to have someone who will…

  • Accept you just as you are and listen to you
  • Help you make sense of what is going on
  • Help you to find your way to deal with it

The team from Pastoral & Spiritual Care are here for everyone – patients, visitors and staff… to listen to you and support you. As you work through issues raised by a hospital stay. We offer:

  • Pastoral Care – if an accident, illness or difficult situation leaves you shaken, then we are here to listen
  • Spiritual Care – we can help you to make sense of what is going on, and walk with you as you deal with it
  • Religious Care – our role is to help you to connect with whatever brings you hope, peace and joy
Image of our Pastoral and Spiritual Care Team

Our Pastoral and Spiritual Care Team

You will find us around and about throughout the Open Day, but especially in the marquee outside of the building, and also in the chapel on level 7.

In the marquee, we will have a team available to talk and listen to you. We can tell you more about what we do and our role in supporting patients, visitors and staff and we can also tell you about volunteering opportunities if you would like to become a part of our pastoral team or our weekend volunteer team.

You can also play Giant Jenga to help you think about what goes missing when someone comes into hospital.

In the chapel on level 7 there will be some quiet space for you to reflect. We have some live music during the Open Day, and there is an opportunity to simply sit and think or pray. For the children we have a quiz and our team will be available to talk with you.

Book of Remembrance and Thanksgiving
We will have available a book of remembrance and thanksgiving. Here you can write your own personal remembrance of someone who has been treated or has perhaps died here at Derriford Hospital. You can also record your own thanksgiving message for successful treatment or perhaps the care offered here. This special book will continue to be on display in the chapel in the future.

We look forward to meeting you throughout the day and at any other time as well.

Paul Snell
Lead Chaplain
Pastoral and Spiritual Care


Download our free Open Day app here

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