Come and see inside a Radiotherapy Bunker!


As part of our Open Day on Saturday 19 March, the Radiotherapy Department will be opening the doors to our linear accelerators, demonstrating how they are capable of delivering precise, technical, radiation treatment to patients with cancer.

Alongside our Healthcare Scientist colleagues from Clinical and Radiation Physics and in celebration of Healthcare Science Week, we will also have 3D simulations of the machines so you can see how it works inside the patient, demonstrate our immobilisation devices (such as head shells) and explain why they are used. Radiotherapy relies heavily on CT imaging to identify internal structures, come and see what you recognise or have a go at using a treatment planning system to understand how we treat patients and minimise side effects.

Our Brachytherapy (internal treatment) theatre suite will also be opening its doors to demonstrate equipment and showcase some of the excellent care patients receive.

We are all very keen to participate in the open day to raise public awareness of radiotherapy and its key role in the fight against cancer and staff will be on hand to offer general advice and information on Radiotherapy for cancer treatment.

By engaging in the hospitals open day we hope to be able to alleviate any fears about the treatment. This will help people to have a better understanding of radiotherapy, if they themselves or friends/family need to receive treatment.

Getting to us:
On the day, we advise that you follow signage to the Mustard Tree Macmillan Centre and you will be able to reach Radiotherapy from within the Mustard Tree. You can either follow signage to level 3 and cross the courtyard between REI and Mustard Tree, or if you are outside the main entrance, you can follow the path around the outside of the building. A map is available within our programme (copies will be given out on the day)

Careers Talks:
If you have an interest in a career as a Healthcare Scientist, my colleagues will be giving specialist careers talks at the Careers Fair. The talks take place at 11.30 and 11.45 in the Discovery Library on level 5, but we advise you use the free Open Day app to reserve your place in advance, as space might become limited on the day.

Come and see what happens behind closed doors! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 19 March.

Helen Churchward
Radiotherapy Manager


Download our free Open Day app here

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