Service Improvement need your help!

Image of Service Improvement

A typical Service Improvement meeting with clinical staff

You may have seen us scattered across the hospital watching what goes on. You may have received a survey from us to find out about your experience in the hospital. You may also have seen stories in the media about the lack of beds, waiting times and cancelled operations.

The Service Improvement team work with a variety of departments across the hospital to improve the safety and quality of care patients receive.

We want to use the open day as a way to showcase some of the improvements we have helped implement across the hospital and also talk about some of the work we are currently doing.

Image of the Service Improvement Sticker

Help Service Improvement and get yourself a sticker!

  • Get involved with improvement at Derriford Hospital – we have a hospital adventure where we need help finding wait times hidden across the hospital
  • Have a look at our storyboard of a typical inpatient journey at Derriford and where improvements have been made.
  • Try out some of our games which will give you a quick insight into how we go about making improvements
  • Have a chat with us – we always want to hear from our patients. If you have a suggestion, idea or grumble you want to discuss, please feel free to visit us in the Marquee outside the Main Entrance.

Michaela Slocombe
Service Improvement


Download our free Open Day app here

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