The Wonders of IT in Healthcare

Image of two nurses at a computer

IT is involved in most areas of healthcare

The Open Day has presented the IT Service with the opportunity to showcase some of the systems and devices which are used by Healthcare Professionals in support of the patient journey.

If you have been a patient, you might have seen one of these devices being used in a clinic or appointment with your doctor or consultant and always wondered what it was and what happened with the recordings?

Have you been an inpatient and had a barcoded wristband and wondered how they are created?

Maybe you have seen your consultant or nurse utilising one of our computer devices and wondered what they are doing and what information they are recording and viewing.

Perhaps you would like to understand how IT assists your hospital attendance, or are interested in seeing some of the different systems which are used to record your health data?

Why not pop down to the Discovery Library (level 5, zone C) and have a play with some devices, browse through the IT systems we have in place to record the patient interactions and you can even participate in sharing your ideas on what you think healthcare IT could look like in the next 5 years!

Jocelyn Geany
Programme Manager (eNotes)
Information Management and Technology


Download our free Open Day app here

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