Don’t forget to bring your Teddy

Image of our Teddy Bear Hospital

Don’t forget to bring your Teddy!

Staff in both Paediatrics and Children’s Theatres cannot wait for the Open Day on Saturday 19 March!!

We have a lot of fun activities planned for our younger visitors and we will be located in Plym Children’s Theatres, which is very easy to find as we are just to the left of the main entrance to Derriford Hospital.

One of our most exciting activities is the Teddy Bear Hospital, where your teddy can be bandaged and have an ‘operation’.

We will have operation games set up for you to practise your skills as a surgeon and also be demonstrating how we would plaster a poorly finger!

We will be opening a Theatre so you can see an inside a real-life operating theatre with various instruments and we will explain what happens when you come to the hospital to have an operation.

The Community Nurses are going to available to let you know the services they provide and we have a research nurse showing how research is used to help develop treatments.  Will you be able to guess which is the medicine?

We are all really looking forward to meet all our visitors, see you on the 19th!

Sue Rodgers
Play Specialist Team Leader


Download our free Open Day app here

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