Taking Care of Your Hearing

Image of a Hearing Test

A hearing test being carried out

At the Open Day, Audiology and Newborn Hearing Screening will be located in the Physio Gym with information about hearing and hearing aids. We will be based with colleagues from the Speech & Language, Nutrition & Dietetics and Pelvic Floor Teams, so join us in the Physio Gym on level 7 to find out about the work of the Clinical Support Services (if you enter the main entrance on level 6, take the stairs/lifts next to Warren’s Bakery and follow signage to the gym).

You will be able to see inside your own ear to your ear drum, experience newborn hearing screening and see examples of the latest hearing aid technology, including Bluetooth compatible hearing aids.

Audiology involves the assessment and management of hearing loss or balance conditions. We work with a range of people, but primarily the elderly and young children.  It is a really rewarding career where we are able to help people hear better and therefore reduce the impact of the hearing loss on many aspects of their lives, for example employment, education and socially.

Our main role is to carry out hearing assessments including a full hearing test and then; if necessary to fit hearing aids to help alleviate the impact of a hearing loss. The type of hearing aid we fit depends on the type and severity of the hearing loss. Visit us at the open day to see a range of different hearing aids available on the NHS.

If you would like to know about Audiology as a career pathway, we will be giving a talk at the Careers Fair in the Discovery Library between 11:15 and 11:25. The career talks are proving to be very popular, so we advise that you reserve your space using the free Open Day app, as space on the day might become limited.

Hayley Cozens


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