Love your Liver


liver-detox1My name is Amanda Clements. I work at the South West Liver Unit, Derriford Hospital as the nurse consultant for Hepatology (Liver disease). I am taking part in the Open day at Derriford Hospital. I really hope that you are able to come and join us on Saturday 28th September.

I was asked why I am taking part and what I will be doing. Well, in my role I provide services for a wide range of liver disease. Some of these take place in the hospital and others are held in community based clinics. Every day I work with people and their families affected by liver disease. One of the most common things that my patients tell me is that “nobody talks about liver disease”. Frequently I meet people who have very severe liver problems who have just been diagnosed. Yet liver disease is now a major health problem for people in this country and it is the only major cause of ill health and early death that is on the increase in England while it is decreasing in Europe. Sadly 2% of all deaths result from liver disease and it is the 5th most common cause of death in the UK.

The majority of liver disease is avoidable as the three major causes of liver disease are obesity, undiagnosed viral hepatitis, and harmful drinking. Many people don’t know about this so every opportunity I get I will raise awareness about liver disease. I want to use our open day as an opportunity to do this. So if you are able to come and join us, I will be offering Fibroscans, which can give people an idea about their liver health. They don’t hurt!! And can be done in a couple of minutes. I just need to get at your ribs!!

I have asked the liver team to get information together about keeping your liver healthy and about the most common liver diseases. I will have dummies borrowed from the medical school that show where all your internal organs are. You can pull them out and put them back together, hopefully in the right places!

I am looking forward to our open day, which we are all doing on our days off, because we want to share our commitment to looking after people when they need us most and hopefully before they get ill. So do come along and remember LOVE  YOUR LIVER.

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