Will all of Derriford be open?

I had a conversation with a nursing friend today. She asked whether people might think we are opening up all of the hospital on 28th September, and was concerned that people might think they can just walk round anywhere, onto wards and so forth. It’s a good point.

We are indeed Opening Our Doors to the public, but we can’t, nor would ever want to, close our doors to our patients. We will still be a working hospital on 28th September, just as we are every other day and night of the year when 48,000 people walk through the main entrance of Derriford Hospital every week.

So all of our wards will remain shut with the usual swipe card access only for staff and ward staff able to let visitors in and out to see their loved ones. Other clinical areas, such as the Emergency Department, will also remain closed to the public because they will still be treating patients. But the Emergency Department team is taking part, with staff from that department keen to show visitors how modern diagnostics are used in an emergency setting and why they have a special link with the Antarctic. The Emergency specialists will just be available to visit in one of other open areas.

We will have a number of key areas open where we are hosting interactive activities , information and the chance to talk to staff and these will be clearly signposted on a map which will form the centre pages of our Open Day Programme.  We hope to hand these out to all visitors and we ask that visitors please respect the privacy and dignity of those being treated in clinical areas by going only to the areas highlighted on the map.

We’re a big hospital, one of the largest on a single site in this country and in Europe. So we will also have lots of staff and volunteers, wearing very visible T-shirts, on hand to help direct visitors.

For the Open Day, these areas will be open and hosting many and various activities:

  • Marquee at main entrance
  • Fracture Clinic
  • Physiotherapy gym
  • Children’s Theatres
  • Main theatres on level 4 (parts of)The Discovery Library, The Lind Research Centre and clinical teaching rooms in the Terence Lewis Building
  • Some of maternity
  • The Derriford Health and Leisure Centre
  • The Macmillan Mustard Tree Centre and parts of oncology
  • Decontamination Tent
  • Plus guided site tours and Nature Walks around the Bircham Valley (please book early on the day at main entrance)

We will be publishing our full programme which lists all of the activities available in each of the areas next week. We hope you’ll find something in there that you fancy checking out.

One thing’s for sure, there’ll be no shortage of things to see and do.

Head of Communications

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