Comfortably Numb!

photo2Come along on the 28th and have various parts of your body scanned to identify your nerves. I can promise this will be a highly interactive stand to allow you to see how we can accurately numb different nerves in the body in order to be able to carry out operations whilst you’re wide awake and pain free.

I am keen to take part in this open day as it really gives Derriford Hospital the chance to showcase all the huge efforts that so many people make to provide a safe and caring environment in order to receive the very best care we can offer.


anat picAs an anaesthetist with a special interest in regional anaesthesia (numbing or blocking nerves) the open day gives me the chance to demonstrate what can be done with the latest technology. You will be able to sit and have various nerves scanned and shown to you on a screen, use an ipad to discover different parts of the human anatomy and see three dimensional anatomical models to help understand the different relationships between bone, muscle, nerves and blood vessels. We have been performing various operations on awake patients for many years and this open day is a chance for people to see how some of this can be achieved with a little help from your anaesthetist!

Do come along and see what’s on offer, you’ll be surprised and amazed, you’ll discover bits of you you never knew you had and above all you’ll have some fun. See you on the Sat 28th September.

Kim Chishti

Consultant Anaesthetist

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