Opening Our Doors: Come on in ….

For the first time in a decade, we are Opening Our Doors on Saturday 28 September 2013 with a hospital open day at Derriford Hospital.

Of course, our doors are open every day – to patients, their friends and family, to our staff and volunteers.

On Saturday 28 September, however, our staff will be providing an interesting and interactive experience for members of the public who want to find out a bit more about what happens in a theatre for example, what modern healthcare looks like and what steps you can take to keep active and healthy.

We hope we’ll have something for everyone on show on the day including the opportunity to:

• Step inside an operating theatre and play a life-size operation game
• Meet our military staff
• Bring your Teddy Bear to our Teddy Bear Hospital
• Visit our Careers Fair
• Challenge your children with our quiz
• Step ‘inside’ a delivery room in our maternity unit
• Comfortably numb: find out where your nerves are
• Get inside our Emergency Decontamination Tent
• Find out about medical research and how it advances care
• Discover our amazing Discovery Library and Plymouth Medical Society’s Historic Collection
• iLiveiGive … find out more about organ donation
• Love your liver? Have it checked • Moving you safely: our manual handling team explain how
• Find out more about supporting those with a learning disability
• Try a taste of hospital food and give your verdict and much more besides …

Opening Our Doors logo

As fast as we organise and write the full programme of what’s on offer, more keeps getting added! Our staff, doctors, nurses, therapists, scientists, theatre staff, research teams, HR experts and so many more, really want to do this. We’re getting quite excited now although a little nervous. Will 20 or 2,000 people turn up?

We are proud of our hospital, what we do here and we want to open our doors, talk about what we do, demonstrate, invite you to get your own hands dirty, tell us what you think, what we could do better and much more. It is, after all, our hospital – it belongs to us all and at some point, we are all patients cared for somewhere by someone. We’re your local hospital if you live in Plymouth and very probably your local specialist centre for many types of care if you live in Devon or Cornwall.

This week, as we’ve been working to promote the event and encourage as many people as possible to come along, someone asked us on Twitter whether people only want to see inside a hospital as a last resort when they’re ill.

Well, some people may feel like that. Others may want to find out more. Be more involved. Tell us what they think. In hospitals, we also have a role in not just treating illness but in trying to prevent it and healthcare isn’t just something we do to patients, it’s something with do with patients.

One of the things we will be offering on the day is a liver fibroscan. You may love your liver but also like your alcohol and this scan, undertaken by a specialist hepatology nurse, will tell you what state your liver is in.

If it helps you think about what you eat and drink and how we can all take care of ourselves, well, we think that’s a good thing.

We will also be asking you to get involved creatively.  What do you think great care looks like? We hope you will tell us or you may have children with you who will want to bring their Teddy Bears in to be treated in our children’s theatres or try out of special quiz around the hospital on the day.

We have a number of key areas open including Maternity; Children’s Theatres; Fracture Clinic, Research and the Discovery Library; our Macmillan Mustard Tree Centre; our Health and Leisure Centre; some of our Royal Eye Infirmary; our Physio Gym and Therapies area.

We’ll use this blog to keep you updated on what we’re planning for the day. We are also using the hashtag #openDerriford on Twitter.

If you’ve got any thoughts or ideas, let us know.

We hope you’ll come along if you can.

Head of Communications

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